Bgee v11 release date

Bgee v11 will introduce major improvements to the expression data analyses pipeline, and to the Bgee application. As a result, Bgee v11 will be released by the end of June July, instead of June 1st.

  1. We have notably reviewed all Affymetrix experiments stored in Bgee, and introduced new Quality Controls:
    • We have identified several problems with the data imported from GEO and ArrayExpress: missing files, discrepancies between the information provided by the authors and the actual CEL files data, errors in files naming. We have rechecked and re-imported all experiments stored in Bgee, and reported the problems to the source databases.
    • We have introduced Quality Controls to ensure high quality of the Affymetrix data stored in Bgee, and as a result, have removed many chips previously used. These controls, as well as the list of discarded chips, will be detailed in the documentation of Bgee release v11.
    • We have then re-normalized all Afymetrix data stored in Bgee.
  2. We also have extensively modified the Bgee application to enhance performances, by the implementation of a web-cache and a database cache. These modifications required extensive testing, responsible for the delay in the release of Bgee v11. We believe that these modifications will greatly improve the user experience.

We apologize for the delay, and hope that this new release will be worth the wait 😉


About bgeedb

This is the blog of the database of gene expression evolution Bgee, at University of Lausanne and Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics.
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