New release of Bgee: extra clean transcriptome data

We have released a new version of the database (Bgee Release 11)

The highlights are:

  • Affymetrix chips are now filtered before inclusion into Bgee, based on new quality measurements, on the identification of duplicated content, and on the control of chip types for incompatibility or errors. (Please note that even “low quality” data had to pass these filters for inclusion.)
  • We have developed a new human developmental ontology, in coordination with neXtProt.

For details, please see the release notes at the Bgee website. We apologize for the delay, but we’re very proud of the result!

Partial view of the human developmental ontology, with expression data

About bgeedb

This is the blog of the database of gene expression evolution Bgee, at University of Lausanne and Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics.
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