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New gene page, new Bgee interface

Yesterday we have released a major update of our web interface: The download functionality remains the same, as does the data (processing for the next release is just starting with the new Ensembl release – we love Ensembl). It’s just easier … Continue reading

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#TopAnat: GO-like enrichment of anatomical terms mapped to genes by expression patterns

Update: This was the first blogpost on TopAnat. There are now quite a few more, under the tag TopAnat. We are glad to roll out the first public beta version of our new tool, TopAnat: TopAnat uses the classical … Continue reading

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10 million calls of differential gene expression for 11 species, from #RNAseq and #microarray

Continuing to roll out Bgee release 13 (see first installment), we now provide pre-computed files of differential gene expression. As for present / absent calls, files are organized per species, and come in “simple” and “complete” versions. A test of … Continue reading

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Rolling out Bgee 13, from 5 to 17 species with gene expression calls

We are proud to be rolling out the new and improved Bgee over the next weeks! Welcome to release 13! In the 2 years since our last release, we have transferred all our annotations to the bilaterian ontology Uberon (see … Continue reading

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Expressed, or not expressed? That is the question!

Bgee provides information about where and when genes are expressed in different species. But what does it mean “to be expressed”? That’s a fundamental question we had to answer before we could introduce RNA-Seq data into the database. Expression does … Continue reading

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New release of Bgee: extra clean transcriptome data

We have released a new version of the database (Bgee Release 11) The highlights are: Affymetrix chips are now filtered before inclusion into Bgee, based on new quality measurements, on the identification of duplicated content, and on the control of … Continue reading

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Bgee v11 release date

Bgee v11 will introduce major improvements to the expression data analyses pipeline, and to the Bgee application. As a result, Bgee v11 will be released by the end of June July, instead of June 1st. We have notably reviewed all … Continue reading

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